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Katherine Stone's "high quality romance ranks right up there with Nora Roberts."




   At midnight, when he kissed her, Diana trembled at his touch and at her own fears. Was she strong enough for this? She was almost whole again, but still quite vulnerable, and he was just-wounded and so very vulnerable, too.

   “What are you thinking, Diana?”

   “That you’re a lonely man and I’m a lonely woman.”

   “What else?”

   “That this has disaster written all over it.”

   “Even if we’re very careful with each other?”

   “Probably.” Diana laughed softly. “Probably.”

Southampton. A place of casual elegance and simple perfection. Where whispers of scandal are as relentless as the rhythm of the sea . . . and the desires of the heart are as timeless. It is here that three women struggle to find love . . . or to save it.

Julia Lawrence. Her youthful beauty and glamorous marriage make her an object of desire and a target of envy. But Julia loves only one man, and she wishes for only one quiet dream, yet there are ancient secrets and ancient enemies who threaten to shatter it all.

Dr. Diana Shepard. The world renowned surgeon knows all about healing broken hearts. When it comes to her patients’ hearts, she is a gifted seamstress. But will she ever escape the tormenting memory of the love she could not keep and find a way to mend her own?

Casey English. The brilliant attorney has always been quite skillful at getting what she wants, inside the courtroom and out, in her charmed and successful life. Or so it seems. She alone knows that it has all been a dazzling and lonely act. And when she meets the man who can set her free, she must confront the truth of who she is . . . and who she would truly like to be.

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