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A dying cardiologist is in desperate need of a donor heart that no one believes will become available in time to save him. An innocent young woman is brutally raped and murdered in a crime whose trail has long-since grown cold, and the state's most powerful political figure, its senior United States senator, hides his son from the authorities investigating the crime.


It is the relentless convergence of these disparate threads that drives the narrative of this emotionally-intense romantic thriller, unraveling a thread of deception, blackmail, and murder and ultimately revealing the tragic secret that lies at the heart of THE MAGRUDER TRANSPLANT.




Praise for Jack Chase novels:


“A tense, intriguing, and terrifying medical thriller.”
—New York Times bestselling author Stephen White on Fatal Analysis

“An intriguing story, cleverly crafted, with plenty of twists and turns.

The surprises keep jumping out at the reader.”
—international bestselling author Leonard Goldberg on Fatal Analysis

“Medicine, politics, and intrigue. . . . Don’t miss it!”
—Francis Roe, author of Second Opinion, on Fatal Analysis

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