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The Cinderella hour. The midnight chime of magic and fairy tales. The hour of trust, of need, of love. An enchanted hour for those who dare . . .


Sixteen years ago, Snow Ashley Gable fled Chicago, running away from the kind of loss that comes with love—and from a friendship that turned into betrayal.


Now she is coming home, bringing her successful late-night radio talk show, "The Cinderella Hour," to the Windy City.


There are risks for Snow in returning home—risks and fears. The father she never knew. The mother who indulged in dangerous fantasies. The high school heiress who uncovered her greatest secret.


And above all, most of all, there is Lucas Kilcannon, the troubled boy she loved, will always love.

Luke has never forgotten Snow or the love they shared. His fury that she ran away from their love, without warning or explanation, still burns deep and bright. He wants to know why Snow fled, and he intends to find out. He plans to see her, confront her, and insist that she tell him the truth.

But it’s a truth Snow doesn’t fully know—not yet—for there are aching secrets that have been in hiding, all these years, even from her.



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