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From the life and death struggles in the gritty halls of San Francisco's most prestigious hospitals to the glittering parties thrown by the Bay Area's most wealthy and powerful, Katherine Stone weaves of rich tapestry of secrets, passion, betrayal, and love.   
Doctor Mark Collinsworth is a brilliant physician, dedicated to medicine and to saving lives. But his own life, his own happiness, is in great jeopardy. Many women want the sexy and tormented doctor. But there is only one woman who can make him whole.

Socialite and patron of the arts, Kathleen Jordaine has lived a charmed and golden life. But all the wealth in the world cannot buy love, and when she meets the man she loves, she must be willing to risk everything for him and their love.


Doctor Leslie Adams makes excellent decisions at the hospital, life-saving ones, but the choices she makes in her personal life have caused as much heartache as joy. And when she finally makes the right choice, the decision that will save her heart and his, secrets from the past threaten to shatter them both.

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