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Carrie is a wide-eyed freshman when she arrives at Stanford University. She has heard about the prestigious college all her life and believes she knows what to expect. But she is unprepared for the monumental changes—and monumental emotions—she will experience.


She is also unprepared for Jake.


Gorgeous, seductive, and deadly, Jake is a man of dark secrets and hidden dreams. He is all wrong for the innocent and optimistic Carrie, yet she becomes part of his secrets and his dreams. But will he ever permit her into the deepest places of his badly wounded heart?


Megan is Carrie's roommate. Golden and beautiful, the gifted actress can dazzle and pretend even as her heart is breaking and her world is falling apart. A decision she makes will result in a crisis that will reunite them all—and open unhealed wounds and smoldering passions.

Once entwined, the lives and the loves of the roommates will be forever entwined. And those lives and loves will be as turbulent, courageous, and shimmering as the extraordinary world in which they live.


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