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Some promises can be broken . . . but those are not the promises of love.


Dr. Elizabeth Jennings is a dedicated trauma surgeon. That’s her dream, her passion, and it’s more than enough until Dr. Nicholas Chase arrives at San Francisco’s Pacific Heights Medical Center.


The black-haired, blue-eyed transplant surgeon has dark secrets that he wants to hide—and must hide—especially from someone as lovely as Elizabeth.


Nick knows all too well that caring about him, loving him, would surely destroy her.


Larisa is Elizabeth’s college roommate and one time closest friend. But since her marriage to Julian Chancellor, Larisa has drifted away, faded away . . . until, desperate and betrayed, she reaches out to Elizabeth.

Larisa fights to repair her shattered heart, but will it truly be whole until she dares to trust again? To love again? And what if, when she takes that courageous chance, it is the most perilous choice of all?

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