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Praise for PEARL MOON


“Remarkably romantic and thoroughly enchanting.”

Rendezvous on Pearl Moon


“In the vein of Danielle Steel and Sandra Brown.”

Library Journal on Pearl Moon

“A can’t-miss combination of multi-generational romance and international suspense.”
Booklist on Pearl Moon

“Katherine Stone delivers not one, not two, but four intertwining love stories in this tender, moving, entrancing novel.”

Romantic Times on Pearl Moon


Pulsing with romance, danger, and excitement, the sweeping bestseller PEARL MOON is the triumphant story of two remarkable sisters, bound by blood but separated by fate, who face unexpected danger and discover unrivaled passion in turbulent and exotic modern-day Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a place of intriguing contrasts, of the ancient and the new, the cosmopolitan and the mystical, a spectacular marriage of East and West. It is also a place of great excitement and uncertainty as the year 1997 draws near, the year the British lease expires on the Crown Colony and sovereignty of Hong Kong reverts to China.

Maylene Kwan is the architect of Hong Kong’s most luxurious hotel, the Jade Palace. Like the building she has designed, she is an intoxicating blend of East and West, of harmony and conflict.

Maylene's desire for fierce and rugged Texan Sam Coulter, the hotel’s builder, is potent and addictive. But a devastating secret stands between Maylene and true love. Now she will come face to face with the American sister she has never met, a sister who doesn’t even know Maylene exists.

Photographer Allison Whitaker, the cherished daughter of a powerful Texas family, has always viewed the world through a camera lens. Unaware of the blood ties she shares with Maylene, Allison comes to Hong Kong to savor freedom for the first time in her life. She falls in love with the British aristocrat James Drake, the hotel’s developer, unwittingly putting her life in jeopardy as Drake’s arch enemy prepares for a deadly showdown.

As pressure builds for completion of the luxury hotel, both sisters will know the deadly menace of a force as elusive as the morning fog swirling over Victoria Peak . . . and as deadly as the typhoons that strike the tiny island with such fury. It will be a time of bold desire and hidden evil, of the beauty and capriciousness of nature, of hope renewed and love as eternal and precious as Hong Kong itself.


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