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     "I wonder what happens to a dream when you get too close.”

    “Maybe,” Pierce said softly, “it gets even better.”

    They came closer, then, to different dream. He began the journey, touching her gently.

    Her eyes glowed yes with wanting, yes with wishing, yes with wonder, and her lips opened to his, welcoming, wanting, wishing. Yes. Yes.

Then no.

     “I can’t do this. It’s madness, Pierce.”

     “It’s gladness, Ana.”

     “No, Pierce. You don’t understand. I am going mad.”


A sweeping journey from Venice to Denver and from Carmel to New Orleans, ISLAND OF DREAMS is the shimmering sequel to A MIDNIGHT CLEAR . . .

Two courageous, gifted, lovely women.

​Two fiercely honorable and passionate men.

Two hauntingly beautiful love stories embroidered together in a glittering tapestry of the bravest journey of the heart . . . the soaring journey from the loss of hope to the splendor of love. 


For Boston-proper librarian Ana Finch, life has been quiet, certain, safe, until an incident at a wedding changes everything. The headaches begin then, as does the bone-chilling cold. She feels compelled to move to Denver, even though the Mile High city is a place she has never been. She knows that dreams of love are not for her, they must not and cannot be, and yet there he is, a man who touches the lonely and wishing places deep inside her as no man ever has . . .


Denver architect Pierce Rourke believes in dreams—for others—and in love, for others, too. His masterpiece, the Island, is spectacular proof of his beliefs. It is there, on rock as white as snow and amid shimmering fountains spun from molten glass, that he has created a place just for weddings, for the celebration of the glorious gifts and promises of love. Pierce’s work is his passion. He’s not looking for anything more. But there she is, Ana. The dream he never knew to dream.

ISLAND OF DREAMS is Book Three in the HOME AT LAST Trilogy


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