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     This is what I want, she thought. This night with you. This impossible dream. “It’s just that we’re not supposed to be . . .”

     “Doing this? Because a psychopath warned us not to?”

     Yes, Lucas realized. That was her worry. Her fear. The killer. Not him. His entire soul flooded with relief. “This is about us, Galen. You and me. No one else. Just us. Okay?”


     “And Galen, if you tell me to stop, I will stop. No matter when.”

     “I won’t tell you to stop.” Not ever

He chases killers . . .

Homicide lieutenant Lucas Hunter has a sixth sense for evil and a fierce and relentless passion for putting criminals behind bars. Now his quarry is the cunning madman known as "The Lady Killer", the monster whose victims are glamorous, beautiful women who were at one time close to the sexy lieutenant himself.

She chases dreams . . . Galen Chandler's career is on the edge—again. Indeed, the disastrous and soon to be ex-anchorwoman is on the verge of leaving Manhattan when the madman calls her, to use her to lure Lucas Hunter out to play.


Theirs is an unlikely alliance, the icy-eyed hunter and the woman on the run. And it’s an even unlikelier love. But in the midst of the dangerous game of life and death, they discover something fragile and precious—and precarious—that feels very much like home.

HOME AT LAST is Book One in the HOME AT LAST Trilogy




Praise for the novels of Katherine Stone:

“Remarkably romantic and thoroughly enchanting.”—Rendezvous on Pearl Moon


“Poignant . . . Cass is an intrepid heroine, but it is Chase who wins our hearts when he refuses to allow Cass’s seeming betrayal to stop him from protecting his beloved.”

—Midwest Book Review on Bed of Roses


“Fairytale elements mix with those of a present day romance for . . . thoroughly enjoyable results.”—Kirkus Reviews on Rainbows

“Alluring . . . Fascinating . . . Each page brings a new adventure, every plot twist another question begging to be answered.”

—Rendezvous on Imagine Love


“Heart-tugging . . . few romance fans will remain unmoved.”

—Publishers Weekly on Thief of Hearts

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