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A contemporary thriller set in the politically contrived chaos that currently grips America. While unknown hands write the words the president struggles so mightily to read on his teleprompter, the nation is plunged into ever increasing mayhem by a cabal of woke socialists who intend to use the chaos they have deliberately created as a pretext to assume power.

Against this backdrop, an unlikely hero emerges, a man unjustly arrested and imprisoned as a result of alleged criminal conduct on the Capitol grounds on January 6, 2021. Alex Walker reluctantly assumes the mantle of leadership and begins the task of leading his fellow patriots out of the chaos and back to America.

Jack Chase is the author of three medical thrillers and the new political thriller Cry Chaos and Let Slip the Dogs of Tyranny. His novels have been published in multiple languages and sold throughout the world.

Jack Chase is board certified in internal medicine and infectious disease. His medical career has spanned the spectrum from clinical practice to basic research in molecular biology. He has served as director of clinical research for two multinational pharmaceutical corporations and as attending physician on the infectious disease services of a number of medical schools.

Jack is married to New York Times bestselling novelist Katherine Stone. They live in the Pacific Northwest.

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