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The emotional and joyous story of love, hope, courage, and dreams—and the grace and strength of being a woman, a sister, and a mother. When giving life means risking life . . .



For more than six years Seattle architect Caroline Wynn and her attorney husband, Jeffrey, have been trying to have a baby. Now, finally, Caroline is pregnant. Both Caroline and Jeffrey are thrilled. And, wanting a lasting memory of the joy she's feeling, Caroline decides to keep a pregnancy journal, writing to the baby she already loves.



Caroline's pregnancy coincides with the trial of Jeffrey's career, the murder of a pregnant woman by her celebrity fiancé. For father-to-be Jeffrey, a man murdering his unborn child is as incomprehensible as it is monstrous.

And there are other dangers for pregnant women, perils that lurk in silence amid the joy. For Caroline, such perils are medical. Her pregnancy is placing her health—and even her life—in jeopardy. But when it comes to a choice between her own life and her baby's, there is never, for Caroline, the slightest doubt.


It's a decision of love—for the baby she cherishes and the husband who loves Caroline more than she believed any man ever could. A man who deserves a chance to become the father he was meant to be.



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