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“Katherine Stone's magical touch makes

 A Midnight Clear a story for all seasons.”

- Book Page


   Thunder sounded anew, closer now, an ominous rumbling, a ferocious growl. Both of them greeted the sound with gentle smiles. Then Jace spoke without smiling, but with such gentleness still, as lightning illuminated the night gray sky.

    “I think, Julia, that you are absolutely fearless.”

   “No, Jace. I am not. On paper maybe I might seem that way. On plans conjured months in advance and an ocean away. But now that I’m here . . .”

  “I would be very happy to prove my point. By accompanying you to Canterfields.”


   “Of course.”

   “I . . . yes. Thank you. That makes me feel safe.”

  Oh, Julia Anne Hayley, you are not safe with me.

  For him, love was a nightmare . . .

Haunted by memories of a Christmas Eve inferno, trauma surgeon Jace Colton guards his solitude as fiercely and as passionately as he tends to the desperately injured who need his care.

                                                      For her, love is an awakening . . .

Julia Anne Hayley's memories are lovely, not haunting, a billowy cocoon in which she has hidden from life, from living, far too long. But she knows it is time to leave the solitary sanctuary that is her home, and, if she dares, to fly.


Jace and Julia have six magical days—and nights—in London at Christmas. But their Christmastime enchantment is like a snowflake, delicate, perfect, and destined to die. The magic cannot possibly last . . . can it? 


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